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Permanant Makeup

If you have any questions please submit the form below and we will have an answer for you! Or you can easily contact us by phone at (615)712-7774

  • Do you want to wake up beautiful without the daily makeup? Contact us to schedule an appointment for permanent makeup. 


  • What is permanent makeup? 
    It is Art and Science of implanting color into dermis or second layer of skin. 


  • This process is used for cosmetic and corrective purposes and enhance the definition of eyebrow, eyes, and lips. Feel confident that you always look your best.

  • Michelle Sharifi is licensed permanent cosmetic makeup professional in Middle Tennessee. 
    She has been performing permanent makeup since 1992. Her expertise consisting of the thousands of procedures and trained advanced techniques to Intradermal Cosmetic technicians from around the world. 
    Michelle Sharifi permanent makeup expertise includes: 


1. Permanent makeup eyeliner ( upper lid, lower lid) 
2. Permanent makeup Mucosal eyeliner
3. Permanent makeup eyebrows ( hair stroke or 3D Microblading) 
4. Permanent makeup lip liner and full lips Blush with contrast
5. Camouflage for Aureolas following Brest surgery. 
6. Camouflage for a facelift or other scars. 

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